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BKC: Early Eastern Front: 6th Panzer advance

Page history last edited by nik harwood 13 years, 7 months ago

Solo batrep (May 2010):

Elements of 6th Panzer Division advance to seize a village and press towards the outskirts of Dvinsk. Russian forces have formed hasty defences at the outskirts of the town, but are limited in their forces. Armour has deployed to receive the German advance.


All models are 6mm Heroics & Ros, buildings predominantly from Timecast.




Outskirts of Dvinsk

Panzers group


Turn 1:

The Panzers seize the initiative and begin their advance, pressing on all sides - on the right flank the PzIIs and infantry support, together with a PzIV, advance past the village; the CO in the centre occupies the village with PzIIIs & deploys infantry & mortars into secure positions; on the left flank the Pz35(t)s push towards the town, but no shots are fired.




The FAO on the hill calls in an artillery strike from the 105s whose accuracy is unerring:


In response, the Soviets push forward on their left & centre, opening up on the German targets to their front - but to limited effect:



Turn 2:

On the German right, the PzIIs, supported by StuG IIIs, continue their advance towards the Soviet armour - they open fire but only  manage to suppress one BT5; from their fire positions within the village, the PzIIIs open up on the T26s coming over the hill, suppressing two & destroying a third:



On the left flank, the Pz35(t)s engage targets but come under opportunity fire:


In their turn, the Soviets return fire and destroy a couple of PzII tanks, suppressing another; in the centre some controlled gunnery from the T26s sees two PzIIIs brewed-up; the dug-in ATGs on the outskirts of Dvinsk fight for their lives as the Pz35(t)s crest the hill- some superbly disciplined gunnery sees three tanks detroyed:



Turn 3:

On the German right flank there is a prolonged tank battle which results in the devastation of the BT5s:


The FAC calls in the Stukas who dive towards Dvinsk...


...which, combined with further devastating fire from the Pz35(t)s, results in carnage:


At this point, with over two-thirds of his forces destroyed or suppressed, the Soviet CO reported his failure to the Commissar as the remaining forces fled.




Another cracking solo battle - this was my first 'proper' run-out of BKCII - again, a superb battle with the advantage & initiative swinging from each side. This was, in some ways, surprisingly difficult for the Germans - I was expecting them to walk it, and the Soviets put up a stubborn resistance and caused many more casualties than I was anticipating.



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