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CWC British Civil War

Page history last edited by nik harwood 13 years, 8 months ago

A Modern British Civil War: inspired by this: http://englandprevials.blogspot.com/ I thought I'd build some forces to be able to game this....a quick rummage of what I've got for CWC in 10mm already led me to the conclusion that I only needed to add minimal bits & pieces to go with my Gulf War & Balkans stuff, as I'm happy to use German allies...


Backstory: various elements are deployed in SW England on-exercise [Salisbury plain / Dartmoor] at the time that this kicks off...this includes Bundeswehr who are training with their NATO allies. As the political situation deteriorates, German commanders decide to ally with 'splinter' elements of UK SpecFor who consider that their interests, various that they are, are best served by a Republican nation. 


Nationalist - using my Gulf War figures + new Chieftains & other bits: built using British Army, Gulf War '91: 
2 x HQ 
2 x Recce: Scimitar 
6 x Infantry 
2 x Sniper 
1 x 81mm Mortar FV432 
4 x Chieftain 
3 x 155mm M109 Arty 
=> poss add-in 2 x Challenger I

Republican - using Balkans German / US figures & Aussie 'Nam arty - some as allies, some as proxies: built using NATO '90: 
2 x HQ 
6 x Infantry 
3 x Elites + Carl Gustav 
1 x Leopard 1A3 
1 x Leopard 1A4 
4 x Leopard 2A4 
2 x 155mm M109 arty 
=> poss add-in 2 x Abrams

Rough points: 
before add-ins: about 1800 each 
after add-ins: about 2300 each

Anyway, here's the first pics of some Minifigs Chieftains: two in a desert camo scheme & two from the Berlin Brigade with their funky urban camo:














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