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CWC British Civil War: Contact!

Page history last edited by nik harwood 13 years, 10 months ago

Cold War Commander: Modern British Civil War 


Solo scrap: August 2010 - 10mm - figures from Pendraken, Minifigs, Dragon


First run-out of my modern BCW forces detailed here: CWC British Civil War


Set-up: Nationalist forces are dug-in on the outskirts of Taunton (home to 40 Commando, Royal Marines); Republican forces have advanced north up the M5 from Exeter and are looking to secure a foothold in Somerset by taking the County town which has been shelled for several days:



Nationalist lines:




Republican lines:



Turn 1:

The Republicans begin their assault on Taunton rather ponderously as the FAO fails to secure a target and both flanks stall; the CO launches the armour forwards - but this leaves it exposed and a a little bit stranded...


With clear targets to their front, the Nationalist artillery and Scimitars open up - and, in a spectacular display of fast, accurate fire, manage to KO two tanks and suppress another:



On the right flank, the CO orders the Berlin Brigade Chieftains towards the southern edge of town - unwittingly they bring themselves into view of the Republican Special Forces who use their Charlie G's to awesome effect, suppressing both tanks:


Turn 2:

Maintaining the initiative, the Republican SpecFor CG's wreak further havoc on the beleaguered Chieftains to their front, destroying one and hitting the other:


Over on the Republican right, the infantry break from the cover of the woods and begin their advance as the armour under the command of the CO seeks revenge from the Scimitars:


The advance stalls again though - once more leaving the Republican forces horribly exposed to the accurate fire of the Nationalist artillery:


and the remaining Scimitar, together with the 81mm FV302 mortar, drive back a Republican tank:


Turn 3:

The Republican infantry on the right continues its push towards the Nationalist lines:


The SpecFor push the Chieftain back further into the town, but again the advance stalls; the Nationalists do very little on their turn - content to let the Republicans take losses and continue their press towards their fortified positions:


Turn 4:

The action begins to heat up as the SpecFor, supported by armour, start to advance into better positions to threaten the outskirts of town - seeking to outflank the dug-in Chieftains that are threatening their centre and smoking the suppressed Chieftain en route:



The centre advance is painfully slow and thwarted by opportunity fire which suppresses a tank:


In the Nationalist turn, further accurate artillery fire rains down on the exposed infantry:


The battle's poised now:


Turn 5:

The Republican artillery, with the FAO having assumed an improved position, proves its worth...


...while the armour and SpecFor on the left threaten the Nationalist right:


The Nationalist response is determined - and bloody:



Turn 6:

The Republican infantry continues in its attempts to reach the Nationalist lines...


...but are cut down in a withering hail of fire from the entrenchments:


With insufficient forces to press home the assault, the Republicans withdraw - despite having gained the upper hand on the streets of Taunton:



An excellent game - this was always going to be tough for the Republicans who, with equal-sized forces, were being asked to cross open ground to assault an entrenched enemy. They made a good fist of it though - and overwhelmed the Chieftains in the town. There were a couple of critical points in the game where it could have been decisive for either side.

A great game - and I'm enjoying the backstory to this!


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