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Black Powder Crimean War 2mm solo batrep

Page history last edited by nik harwood 10 years, 5 months ago

Thought it was about time I had another solo Black Powder scrap in the Crimean...this one is fought using my 2mm Crimean forces from Irregular  with some basic adjustments on distances [divide all distances by 3 & use centimetres...simples  :cool: ]. This was fought on my 3' x 2' mat. Each single base is a unit; white dice denote hits, red = stamina reached, yellow = shaken, blue = disordered.


The battlefield prior to deployment:


Russians deploy first and take up defensive positions:







The British:




The battle begins - with both forces advancing:









Opening exchanges - fire is reasonably effective:




Getting stuck in and the melees are vicious:





Ebb and flow - with the decisive cavalry battle on the British left flank:






Bloody & determined defence - it's desperate - but the Russians lose out to strength in depth:




The British take the field:












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