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"Chinese Dawn" - escalation

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Environmental Disaster
Greenpeace today called on both China and the US to cease hostilities before any more damage was done to the planet. 
"Following the battles at sea, the level of nuclear contamination from sunken ships is an ecological disaster on an unprecedented scale," said a Greenpeace spokesperson. "Will no-one think of the environment?" they added.
World Network News 5th June
Tensions Ease
In a surprise development Russia announced that it would be withdrawing its troops from the Polish border. 
Announcing the withdrawal, the Russian President also stated that he would be meeting the President of the European Union at a crisis summit on the Island of Malta in three days time.


World Network News 5th June


Americans on Trial
For weeks the fate of the American Marines following the Battle of Port Blair had been a mystery.  No one knew whether there had been any survivors and if there had, what had become of them, until today.  Members of the world's press were called to the People's Court in Chennai where three Marines faced trial for crimes against humanity. 
The Court announced that trials for a further 11 Marines were to follow.  On trial were Lieutenant-Colonel William George Jackson III,  PFC L Downey and L/Cpl H W Dawson.  All three were clearly carrying wounds from their recent combat - the Colonel's head was heavily bandaged and at times he appeared to drift in and out of consciousness. 
To the clear surprise and shock of everyone in the court, Colonel Jackson pleaded guilty to the charge which related to the execution of 23 Indian civilians before the fighting commenced.  Judge Ka Gernash told the Colonel that there was only one sentence that could be passed and that was death. Colonel Jackson was taken from the court and it was reported later that he had been executed. In relation to the other Marines, the judge told them that the evidence against them was overwhelming and that they would be sentenced to life imprisonment.


World Network News 6th June


8 June 2030 EST
“My fellow Americans, I talk to you tonight following the shameful actions of the Indian Government in the treatment of Colonel Jackson and the other heroes of Port Blair. I say the Indian government but you and I know that the real perpetrators of this monstrous act are the Chinese overlords who now rule India.
"I will make one thing very clear to all involved in this war, there will be a time of reckoning and you will be held accountable for your actions. From the very highest level to those who pull the trigger, I say to you, you will be punished.
"The allegations made against Col Jackson and the men and women under his command are wholly without foundation. Some members of the Indian regime are still men of honour and principle and they have made us aware that Col Jackson sacrificed himself to save the lives of those he commanded. He was given a choice of pleading guilty to these lies or watch all the survivors face a firing squad. In the tradition of true American patriots he choose the lives of others above his own. I am therefore honoured to announce, in the name of Congress, the award of the Medal of Honor to Lieutenant-Colonel William George Jackson III. A true American.
"Colonel Jackson's heroism is an example to us all and many of you have already answered the call to serve your country in these dark times. In 1775 at the birth of our nation times were equally dark and a Patriot called Paul Revere raised the alarm, an alarm which was answered by ordinary people fighting tyranny for a new way of life. 
"Today in the sprit of Paul Revere and Bill Jackson I announce the formation of the Homeland Defence Volunteers. Any citizen aged 16-80 will be eligible to join this militia.  In times of emergency, like your forefathers of the revolution, your nation will call upon you to repulse the tyranny of a foreign power. You will fight shoulder to shoulder with your neighbours, standing fast with federal forces to ensure that the light of democracy never falters. 
"Finally, I say to you, my fellow Americans, our resolve has never been stronger. You have never been stronger. America has never been stronger.


"Goodnight and God bless.”
America Blockaded
China today announced that as from 2300 GMT any flight or ship with a CONUS destination would be treated as a legitimate target of war and be liable to be fired upon without warning, regardless of its flag of ownership.


China also demanded the closure of the US-Canada border, warning Canada that if it failed to close the border it would be treated as a ‘hostile nation’. 
In response the Canadian Prime Minster announced that border would not only remain open but any attack on the US mainland would be viewed as an attack on Canada itself.
World News Network 9 June

10 June 0530 EST - West Wing


“Madam President, it will take away virtually every boat from the picket line. That leaves the West Coast very vulnerable.”


“Put the response boats in their place Admiral. We are doing this,” said the President.


“That means we have nothing to counter the Invasion Fleet. Those attack boats in the response squadron are there as our last hope of countering the Invasion Fleet at sea.”


“Silent Valour will happen Admiral. We are doing this - and I do not intend to repeat myself again.”


“We have a target, Madam President, the 'Saraswati' 6 days out. General cargo - we could not want a better target and she belongs to the Indian Co-operative Navigations & Trading Company and is the right size.  Seal Team Four are good to go on your word.  The 'Virginia' has been tracking her for six hours and they will take her at dusk," said the CJCS.


“Is six days long enough for the rest of the assets General?” asked the President.


“No Ma’am, there will be a 24 hour gap, but Seal Team Four have been put together for just this,” responded CJCS.


“Right - give the word. We go.” said President Chien.


Crisis Summit

The surprise meeting of Russian Premier Vladimir Aien and Euro President Dominique Jaune took place today at the Grand Hotel, Valletta.


Russia and the EU had appeared on the brink of war following the Russian policy of "What was Russian will be Russian" had seen the Unified Russian Federation take control of nearly all those nations created after the fall of the Soviet Union.


Following the occupation of the EU member Baltic states, Euro defence forces were deployed to the URF Polish Border to stop further expansion. Conflict seemed inevitable - until today.


In one of the biggest surprises in international history, a non-aggression pact was signed today between the two parties. Both Aien and Jaune said this was a major step in establishing economic and military relations between the two states. They also called for an end to the current conflict between the USA and China and said talks aimed at ending the conflict were to be held in Paris shortly, to which all the nations of the world would be invited. The treaty also recognises Russian sovereignty over Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

World News Network 10 June


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