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"Chinese Dawn" campaign (redirected from "Chinese Dawn" campaign)

Page history last edited by nik harwood 11 years, 5 months ago

"Chinese Dawn" - a Cold War Commander campaign to simulate the Chinese invasion of the USA in 2006 - beginning with a security operation that escalates to the invasion of Hawaii and then moves to mainland USA

To be fought in 6mm with Dean - who has written the narrative background for this campaign:


1. Openings - "Chinese Dawn" campaign background 

2. Defence Zones established on mainland USA - "Chinese Dawn" - Defence Zones

3. New President sworn in - "Chinese Dawn" - tension builds

4. Up the ante - "Chinese Dawn" - escalation

5. This is war - "Chinese Dawn" - endgame


We're both collecting both sides - USMC (& potentially US Army) and Chinese - with different battlegroups - these are my core lists:


"Chinese Dawn" - USMC

"Chinese Dawn" Chinese

"Chinese Dawn" - US forces - pics

"Chinese Dawn" - Chinese forces - pics



1. First blood - "Chinese Dawn" - Hawaii Invasion

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