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Blitzkrieg Commander Batreps

Page history last edited by nik harwood 12 years, 10 months ago


Latest: BKC: Early Eastern Front: 6th Panzer advance - hasty Soviet defence tries to stop the German advance on Dvinsk


Dig in boys - here comes Jerry - dug-in British Paras try to hold off against the counter-attacking German Army


Mein Gott - it's the Red Devils - British Paras drop in on dug-in Wehrmacht at a strategic objective


Down on the Farm

British Paras in shock win over late war Germans....


Down on the Farm II

The rematch...


Desert Sun

Shock horror - Nik loses all his tanks...to Italians


Desert Hills

Allies are pushed back to the high ground...and the DAK & their Italian brethren try to knock 'em off...


<shock horror> - this is a Nik batrep where he doesn't lose a single tank!!!


Desert Duel

The finale to this particular series of battles - also known as The Alamo...


The Last Village

Late War North West Europe: combined German army, Fallschirmjager & Waffen SS face off against US Army & British Paras


Desert Pass

Tunisia, January 1943...dug-in Afrika Korps wait for British & American allies to try to force a breakthrough...

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