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Cold War Commander batreps

Page history last edited by nik harwood 10 years, 10 months ago

CWC Bush War - Seize the Heights

Fierce scrap v Steve J - mobile deployment encounter: December 2009


CWC Cold War 1987 - Exploitation: Czech border

Solo batrep - Czech forces threaten the West German rear: December 2009


CWC Balkans - Fight for the Fuel Dumps

Solo batrep - using nosher's Balkans lists: November 2009


CWC Bush War - Seek and Destroy!

Solo batrep - Angolans v South Africans: October 2009


Legionary 2007, Exeter - Gulf War 2003

I manage to lose some serious armour...


Gulf War 2003, Iraqi v US

Not again...

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