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CWC Balkans - Fight for the Fuel Dumps

Page history last edited by nik harwood 14 years, 8 months ago

A Balkans battle between Serbs & US KFOR using nosher's CWC Balkans variant - which you can download here:




A small American force is deployed to guard a couple of fuel dumps in a small village in the hills. Serb forces have learnt of the location of the dumps and have gathered in the hills above the village to launch a raid...



Serbs - capture both fuel dump objectives / break US within 6 turns (major victory); capture 1 fuel dump (minor victory)

US - repulse the attack & force the Serbs to withdraw


Deployment overview - aerial pic with Serb forces gathering in the hills & on the roads leading into the village; US armour to bottom left on road near railway & infantry with transports in village centre. The fuel dump objectives are to the left & right of the village.



US deployment

Special forces


US infantry in village centre



US CO & armour


Village centre


Serb deployment 

Armour & Special Forces (in trucks) on Serb left flank


Serbian artillery




Support from the hills - snipers, HMG, Mortars, ATGW


T55 & infantry (in trucks) on Serb right flank


Turn One:

The Serbs launch their attack, but the artillery crews haven't synchronised their watches and there is no preliminary bombardment. The forces advance on both flanks and some mortar fire from the hills manages to suppress some of the US infantry in the village centre. In reply the US FAO co-ordinates a rocket salvo from the MLRS which takes out the Special Forces' trucks (although they manage to bail as they hear the whine of 'incoming' & go to ground nearby; the rockets account for an HMG and sniper team on the hill in the centre. The FAC, HQs & CO though are all struggling with their radios and fail to communicate with anybody. At all... 

Right flank force advance


Left flank force moves off...



MLRS impact...


Turn Two:

The Serb Sagger targets an M113 in the village which fails to evade & is smoked. The Serbian units in the hills on the right flank lay down a load of fire which is wholly ineffective. Meanwhile, on the right flank the T55 manages to land a couple of hits onto the M1 (which will only annoy the crew quite frankly); the transported infantry continue to move along the road - but then stall. 


Over on the left flank the CO advances the T55s along the road and, in two rounds of shooting, they take out another M113. The CO then gets over-excited and blunders, reducing his command impact next turn (-1 CV) 


In response, the US FAO again manages to drop some rockets - but this time much less effectively and only manages to scratch the paint on the lead T55. The FAC is still struggling with his radio...The SpecFor spring into action though and mount up in their M113 and advance towards the oncoming Serbs on their right flank.


The infantry in the centre of the village move to the hedgeline supported by the remaining M113 and fire for suppression on the oncoming T55s - one of which falls back in the confusion



The CO, meanwhile, is banging furiously on his radio with the view that 'percussive' maintenance might just make the bloody thing work...


The US FAC & FAO relocate to better spotting positions...


Turn Three:

This turn the Serb FAO manages to call in some artillery support for the advancing troops - zeroing in on the US infantry in the village, the bombardment takes out one squad and the last M113 as well as making the other two squads go to ground; their HQ also takes hits. 


On the right flank the T55 moves up to the hedge to gain some cover and the trucks continue to race along the road. Combined fire from the T55 and the supporting SA9 over a prolonged (three round) shooting spree manages to smoke the lead M1...at which point 3 sqauds of Serb infantry debus to the hedgerow. 



Both Serb HQs in the hills fail to order anything...and on the Serb left flank the CO, despite being at -1 to his CV, manages to get the unsuppressed T55 to co-ordinate fire onto the cowering US infantry, taking them out. The Serb Special Forces begin to advance towards the village as well. 


The US battlegroup are now on Break tests - which the CO passes. The FAO loses his touch this turn and can't get through to the MLRS...although the FAC manages to bring a chopper to the party...which immediately takes out 3 trucks (and a squad of infantry) and suppresses the others on the road. 



On the US right the SpecFor debus but then hesitate...but on the left the CO brings the other M1s into play - who make short work of taking out the T55 


Turn Four: 

The Serb FAO once more brings the guns in - this time dropping shells onto the hesitant US SpecFor, causing 5 hits & making them dive for cover. Once more the HQs in the hills have lost the plot so it is left to the CO to advance the Special Forces and to launch the T55s mercilessly forwards, overrunning the FAC who is KO'd as he has nowhere to regroup to...an HQ is also threatened... 


The US are still in the fight (passed Break test) but the FAO is getting twitchy and his co-ordinates for the MLRS are short - although the salvo still manages to suppress two of the Serb Special Force units - but also suppresses his own HQ and the SpecFor M113... 


The CO moves the M1s into the village to obtain a flank shot against the over-ambitious T55 which is smoked - but the CO fails to press his advantage 


Turn Five: 

The Serb FAO fails to get the artillery to fire again - and the HQs in the hills are more interested in their beer (again); the CO presses the remaining T55 to overrun both the US HQ & the unlucky FAO - both of whom are KO'd; the Special Forces manages to take out their oppos M113 as well, just to add insult to injury! 



At this point the US CO loses his nerve and calls for an immediate withdrawal - ceding the ground ( and the fuel dumps) to the Serbs... 









Another cracking solo game - and a great run-out of nosher's Balkans lists. I really didn't expect this one to end like this..!

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