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CWC battlegroups

Page history last edited by nik harwood 8 years, 6 months ago

Cold War Commander Battlegroups


Gulf War, 2003

These battlegroups are featured in the Cold War Commander rulebook


US Army

British Army

3mm US

3mm Iraqi


Vietnam, 1970

North Vietnamese Army 

Viet Cong 

Australian Army 

US Airborne 


Soviet-Afghan War

Soviet Army



Balkans - using nosher's variant

KFOR: West German


Serbian Army


"Chinese Dawn" - 2006 Chinese invasion of USA

"Chinese Dawn" - US forces

"Chinese Dawn" - Chinese forces


South African / Angolan War 1990

South African Army

Angolan Army


Cold War 1987

French Army


Arab-Israeli Wars 1982

Arab (Syrian) Battlegroup

Israeli Battlegroup


British Modern Civil War

First batrep: Contact!


South Ossetia 2008

3mm Georgians: South Ossetia 2008

3mm Russians: South Ossetia 2008  


Sweden 1995: a "what-if" Russian invasion

CWC Swedish

CWC Russian




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