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CWC Cold War 1987 - Exploitation: Czech border

Page history last edited by nik harwood 14 years, 6 months ago

A CWC solo batrep - December 2009


Scenario (Exploitation): Following a lightning advance across the border, the Czech vanguard has broken through near the town of Marktredwitz and is threatening the West German rear...they are pressing the village of Lorenzreuth where infantry forces are dug in, and moving towards the industrial outskirts of town...


I played this solo using the table (4' x 5.5') lengthways. The only modification to the scenario as written is that West German artillery is off-table & therefore has an FAO. Figures are Navwar / H&R 6mm., buildings (mostly) by Timecast.


West German forces (1785 pts)


3 x Regular Infantry with M72 LAW & Marder IFV

3 x Leopard 1A5

2 x Leopard 2A1

3 x 155mm M109 (on-table)


Deployment: CO is commanding the armour which is all in the industrial outskirts of town (table baseline); FAO is on hill to rear of the village, which is housing the dug-in infantry supported by the Marders under the command of the HQ. 







Czech (Warpac grade 1) forces (3105 pts)

CO, 3 HQs, FAC

9 x Conscript Infantry with RPG-7 & BMP-2 IFV

9 x T-55

3 x T-72

2 x Su-25 Frogfoot


Deployment: T-55s are in three formations on left flank, two of which are supported by infantry in their BMPs and commanded by HQs; the CO, with his T-72s and the other infantry in BMPs, is on the right flank; FAC starts the battle with the centre formation. 



Turn 1:

The Czechs begin their advance with the left flank HQ blundering (Cease Fire)- resulting in him suppressing himself; he'll be at -1 CV next turn as he recovers...In the centre left the T-55s rumble towards the farm and halt:



To their right the HQ is still drinking his pre-battle Stoli...On the right flank the CO orders the T-72s and BMPs to skirt the hill -  having done this, they deploy into a firing line, opening up & immediately destroying a Marder in the village:



In response the West German FAO doesn't manage to relay his fire orders; the infantry grit their teeth and ready the LAWs; the CO moves the armour through the industrial estate to the edge of the town. The 2A1s open up and in two rounds of firing manage to suppress two of the T-72s, they hit them again and make them fall back:




Turn 2:

The Czech FAC brings in both the Su-25s to bear on the 2A1s - despite some AA fire which reduces their attacks, they still manage to hit & suppress one of the tanks and knock out the other:



On the left flank the HQ fails; centre-left formation advances further towards town and provokes opportunity fire from the 1A5s with the lead T-55 taking hits; this fire is distracting for the HQ who stalls the advance. The centre formation moves twice, catching up with the battle line - the T-55s open up & force the 2A1 to fall back and suppress one of the 1A5s.


Over on the right the CO pushes the T-72s & BMPs further forward - combined fire into the village knocks out two units of infantry:


In return the West German FAO manages to co-ordinate artillery fire onto the centre formation of T-55s, suppresssing one; the Marders fire from the village to good effect and suppress another; the CO brings the 1A5s firepower to bear as well, suppressing a T-55 in the farmyard and making it fall back:


Turn 3:

The FAC loses radio contact with the Su-25s and is unable to bring them in for a second strike. The left flank HQ triple-moves his formation to skirt the forest and threaten the town - opportunity fire from the West German armour suppresses a couple of the lead T-55s though. In the centre-left, the formation advances into the open ground and stalls - opportunity fire from the Marders (ATGW) suppresses a T-55; Czech fire in return though smokes a Marder and an infantry unit. Further fire from the BMPs suppress the remaining Marder. The HQ then blunders (Cease Fire) - and he'll be less effective next turn as he recovers:



On the right, the CO moves the previously suppressed T-72 up to reform his battle line:


The West Germans again fail to bring artillery to bear; under intense pressure the HQ in the village comes to his best: a command bonus results in a knocked-out BMP...but he then fails to seize further advantage. The CO directs the fire of his armour: the 1A5s suppress another T-55 while the 2A1 lights up a BMP:



Turn 4:

The Czech FAC seems to have found another vodka ration...On the left flank the HQ seems to have done the same...the centre left formation fires to good effect though, taking out the remaining Marder and infantry in the village:


The central formation's at the falling-down water as well it seems. Meanwhile, the CO brings the T-72s & BMPs into the village and deploys the infantry to control the objective:



The West German commander passes the break test - but the FAO has gone to ground. Again. Hmm...The CO manages three rounds of shooting with his armour, knocking out three T-55s and suppressing another two:


Turn 5:

That Czech FAC is singing merrily to himself now...as is the HQ on the left flank...in the centre left the T-55s advance and fire four times in quick succession, suppressing the 2A1 and making it fall back further into the industrial estate. In the centre the T-55s advance to the edge of town, firing on the 2A1 and suppressing it:


Meanwhile, again from the centre, the BMPs move into the village & deploy their conscripts in support of their comrades while the CO brings the T-72 into fire positions in the village:



Once more the West German CO proves his mettle and passes the break test - the FAO finally gets his act together as well and brings the M109s to bear on the village, suppressing two units of infantry and a BMP:


With forces pressing, the CO fails to get a clear order out...


Turn 6:

That Czech FAC is unconscious now...the left flank HQ forces some slurred words into his radio and brings his BMPs forward to deploy their infantry at the edge of town; their supporting fire causes hits on one of the two remaining German 1A5s. The centre left formation relocate & the flanking fire of the T-55s takes out both 1A5s...the Centre formation opens up and torches the 2A5 for good measure...Game over!




Debrief: Another cracking CWC battle - with the West Germans under considerable pressure from the outset. This scenario was always going to be a challenge for them - and with no assets available, a lot was hinging on the ability of the FAO to bring the M109s to bear - which he didn't do well at all! Great stuff - next time, I'll use the artillery as on-table. 





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