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Dig in boys - here comes Jerry

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Dig in boys - here comes Jerry


A Blitzkrieg Commander batrep - the follow-up to Mein Gott - it's the Red Devils


Played solo, Dunster, November 1st 2008


The British paras have dug-in around the crossroads and are bracing themselves for a counter-attack...if they can hold out for 6 turns, the US Army should start to approach as it advances...



British Airborne

CO, 2 x HQ, FAO

11 x Paratroopers

4 x MG, 2 x Mortars

1 x Engineers

3 x 6pdr ATG + Jeeps

2 x 17pdr ATG + Jeeps

4 x 75mm pack howitzer artillery


German Army

CO, 3 x HQ, FAO

12 x Infantry, 3 x HMG, 2 x Mortars

3 x Medium Panzer StuG-III long

4 x Medium Panzer PzIV long

1 x Tiger I

1 x ATG 75mm + half-track

1 x ATG 88mm + half-track

1 x SPAT Jagdpanzer IV

1 x Artillery 105mm Wespe

2 x Artillery RL Nebelwerfer

3 x Artillery HE Assets

Seriously outnumbered, but dug-in and determined...






Turn 1:

The German army gets off to a cracking start with sweeping advances from the flanks - bringing the majority of the forces onto the table; the armour is still refuelling a couple of miles away...Over on the German left flank the SS infantry, supported by a mortar and an ATG press through the railway yard and head towards the village.



On the right flank the CO brings both infantry, the 88mm and the Stugs, together with the Jagdpanzer, straight into the thick of things...


Some initial exchanges of fire are relatively ineffective - other than to indicate the positions of the dug-in Paras whose first turn almost goes un-noticed: failed artillery roll, failed HQ rolls...not a good start!


Turn 2:

Straight away things begin to look good for the Germans - the remaining force turns up - an armoured column racing down the road towards the village



Then the FAO called in the Nebelwerfers and the Wespe: even with a serious amount of deviation, the rocket salvos landed in the heart of the village - with devastating effect (I don't think I've *ever* rolled as many sixes in my life!!!) - once the smoke cleared on the village, the casualty count included:

3 x MGs

2 x Mortars


3 x Paras

1 x 6pdr + Jeep



Some additional firing from the Jagdpanzer and Stugs saw off some more Paras which meant that they were at -5 to their Break test - which they promptly failed; laying down their weapons they surrendered to the overwhelming German forces - and started their wait for the US Army to come to their rescue....



A great battle - if short & swift - and one of those artillery salvos that I always *wish* I could deliver when I'm playing *other* people!


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