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FWC Aliens - "They're coming"

Page history last edited by nik harwood 15 years, 2 months ago

Aliens - "They're coming...": A Future War Commander batrep...


Played solo - Aliens v Colonial Marines: using FWC Bug Colony 7429 & HoF Human Army lists


Dunster, Somerset - January 2009


Set-up: played this along the length of the table: Colonial outpost with outlying tech equipment, Aliens have come into view & the outpost's outlying sensors have gone haywire, prompting a stand-to...Colonial recce scouts are dug-in to the fore as the remainder of the force mobilises...Colonials have to hold out for 8 turns for minor victory, break Aliens for major victory; Aliens have to eat everything in sight...


Forces: Forces were at 2,000 pts (so 1800pts for Aliens)

Colonial Marines:

CO, 2 x HQ

3 x Recce Scouts

6 x Regular Infantry w/ upgrades (Smart Missiles)

6 x IFV Assault Carrier

2 x Light Tank

3 x SPG

For this game I didn't use the FAO (he became an HQ instead) & I left out assets - normally 3 x Light Orbital Strike, 2 x Heavy Orbital Strike: think I'll take 'em next time Wink

Break Point = 8



10 x Infantry Unit (Warrior TG772) = facehuggers

20 x Infantry Unit (Warrior HG948) = small aliens

10 x Infantry Unit (Warrior GS772) = large aliens

2 x Infantry Unit (Warrior WR910) = larger aliens

3 x Walker Unit (Warrior HC019) = Queens

They didn't use their 3 x ambushes that they've got Smile 

Break Point = 24 



View from the outpost as the Aliens swarm into view...


And from the Alien lines


Nasty hissy slimy things...


Turn 1

Aliens get the first turn & begin hurtling towards the outpost...on the second order though, they blunder & find themselves retreating half-distance back from whence they came! Colonials do nothing as no targets are in range...


Turn 2

Aliens pick up from where they left off - this time they're much more convincing & rampage headlong towards the scout infantry which is dug-in amongst the outlying equipment to the front of the outpost - some initial fire from the Aliens gets lucky & suppresses one unit of scouts before the rest of the swarm blunders (again!), this time advancing though...which leaves the Colonials with a seriously target-rich environment!




Scout infantry opens up but the outlook is pretty bleak...and they're soon-to-be overrun...



The Colonial Marines de-bus from their IFVs and take-up fire positions - in the open though - there's no time for manoeuvre...and get some solid shooting in, causing some suppression as well as splattering some bugs!



Turn 3

Aliens advance relentlessly, sweeping over the scout infantry and, splitting into essentially two swarms, move onwards to engage the Marines



Some resolute firing from the Marines on the right flank takes effect, and in vicious hand-to-hand fighting they manage to see off some bugs...



On the left, however, the SPGs prove to be remarkably useless and things get very nasty very quickly for the Marines exposed in the open...the bugs also rip apart a couple of IFVs and one of the SPGs for good measure. The CO is overrun and retreats full tilt into the outpost to the dismay of the remaining fighters...


As the casualties mount up and the Colonials are enveloped, the CO gives the order to withdraw into the safety of the outpost.


For some, though, it's already too late...


Debrief: Wow! What a *fast* game..! Those bugs can move really fast - and would have reached the Colonial lines even quicker had it not been for the two blunders early on. I was impressed with the Marines in their stand-up fights with the bugs - although sheer weight of numbers was always going to see through in the end...The volume of fire put down by the Colonials was not effective enough to stall the Aliens - and simply didn't break the mass-advance up. I think that next time I fight this one I'll limit it to 6 turns for the Colonials to hold out...and potentially give them the first turn automatically...


Cracking stuff though - and good to give these guys a run-out



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