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Gulf War 2003, Iraqi v US

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 2 months ago

22nd March 2007


While waiting for my digital camera batteries to charge up this morning I managed to sneak in a quick game - same forces as used at Legionary [about 3000 pts per side] - but this time Iraqis v US...



So forces:



6 regulars [BMPs] 6 militia [BMPs], all RPG

3 155mm artillery

9 T55

3 T72

Spandrel & Spigot wotsits







3 Regulars in Bradleys

2 USMC [in Black Hawks]

6 Abrams

3 M109

2 Apache






Deployment either side of a town, Iraqi get first turn...fair bit of artillery lands on a troop of Abrams & suppresses them; BMPs with militia on-board move up as do T72s on right flank...left flank stalls...


US then proceed to deliver some seriously poor artillery fire [as in deviates off the table bad]; Bradleys move up towards town accompanied by the other troop of Abrams who open up on the BMPs near the CO causing some damage




T2 - Iraqis land more artillery fire [this FAO knows his stuff] & do more damage, cauasing one Abrams to fall back enough to destroy itLifeless


BMPs move into town & disembark their militia into buildings, RPGs at the ready. CO still can't get his act together...


US left flank stays put, artillery fire is more effective this time & drops nicely onto the T55s knocking one out. Bradleys dump one unit into buildings, Abrams move further forward to maximise fire arcs & do some serous damage now to the BMPs near the Iraqi CO, taking them & the on-board infantry out...carnage..Abrams consolidate further into town & stall. US CO calls in airstrike from Apaches who manage to annihilate a stranded T72 in the open & suppress one in cover. Nice.



It all starts to go a bit Pete Tong for the Iraqis this turn with lots of failed command rolls & a blunder [cease fire] from CO. FAO moves to roof of building...


...where he subsequently gets caught up in the US barrage landing with great accuracy nearby...that'll be him dead then. Bradleys open up on BMPs in BUA & knock two of the three out...also nice...Left flank Abrams that were stalled now open up on remainder two T72s and suppress both before moving forward...cue further Apache death from above...both T72s are burning...




On the right flank we've got a bit of an epic tank battle going on here with T55s in cover unloading onto the advancing Abrams who are being a bit cocky & rattling across the open...two are suppressed, one of them is pushed back into one of the Bradleys, suppressing that! The Iraqi HQ shows his mettle and rolls a double-one! Awesome display of tank gunnery from the Iraqis sees all three Abrams lit up.



On the US left flank the Iraqis now target the other Abrams with everything they can & manage to knock out another one...Blimey - that's 5 out of 6 Abrams gone...that's a *lot* of taxpayers money y'know...I thought I could only do that with the British [as proven at Legionary where I lost all 8 Challengers...!]






Anyway, on with the advance - more good artillery fire & a further airstrike puts the Iraqis at 4 past their BP of 19 - making the CO see sense & leg it...


Another fun game at the Harwood house - more pics here:




Showing nicely my Hotz felt mat & the wonderful Kerr & King Desert City in a Box, together with some other resin bits & bobs I got from Legionary [rocks & debris etc]



Forgot to say the USMC put in a guest appearance right at the end, performing a textbook air assault on the Iraqi militia...USMC 1 Iraqi Militia 0


I love my helicopters...Grin

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