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Late War Germans painting guide

Page history last edited by nik harwood 12 years, 6 months ago

Late War German painting guide - by popular request!


This is a guide to painting late war campaigning German forces - so looking for a bit of a rag-tag 'feel' - just like my own armies!


Everything from a spray-black undercoat, everything is assembled & bases textured - infantry base-finishing is done *before* painting figures; armour base-finishing is done *after* painting vehicles (I *like* muddy vehicles..!); paint references are for Vallejo Game Color


Once undercoated black, everything gets an overbrush (wetbrush) of Charred Brown



Flesh: Dark Flesh, highlight = Dwarf Skin


Uniform basecoats: Desert Yellow or Cayman Green or Black : Cold Grey 50:50


Webbing / pouches etc: variety from: Beasty Brown / Earth / Khaki


Magic Wash (= Klear floor polish / water / brown ink: 50:30:20)



Desert Yellow & Bone White 50:50

Cayman Green & Bone White 50:50

Cold Grey


Camouflage: stippled Catachan Green & Beasty Brown


Metallics: Cold Grey



Basecoat: Desert Yellow


Highlight: Desert Yellow & Bone White 60:40


Camouflage 1: Dark Flesh (thinned)


Highlight 1: Dark Flesh & Beasty Brown 50:50 (thinned & stippled within the boundary of the camo)


Camouflage 2: Cayman Green (thinned)


Highlight 2: Cayman Green & Bone White 50:50 (thinned & stippled within the boundary of the camo)


Tracks & detailing: Cold Grey


Magic Wash


Re-highlight: Basecoats & Bone White 50:50 (featherlite drybrush)



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