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NapoleonicMaster - game pics

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 2 months ago

NapoloeonicMaster: 10mm Pendraken


A selection of pics from a recent solo game - French v British, Peninsular War



British line


British line & light infantry


French line


French brigade


French advance


British defend the woods


British defend the farm


British line from farm to woods


British line in the fields


Overview from the French lines


French advance towards the British-held farm


French left flank




French advance to centre


British defence


Overview - with British fallback on the left flank


Infantry close...the view from the British lines 


Phase 2


French  infantry resume their advance


Decisive cavalry action on the French left


British centre advances


The British centre from the French lines


The British re-take the hill and repulse the French cavalry


British centre fires a volley, with Wellington looking on


British right flank are steady in the fields


Wellington pushes the advantage


French cavalry advance on the left flank


More French cavalry - sweeping behind the British lines


French line threaten the British left


Overview from the French lines


The British centre pushes on, supported by the advance of the right flank


View from the British centre, looking towards the right flank


Holding the hill, with the Rifles advancing down towards the beleaguered French columns


French stragglers


Last desperate volley from the rattled French columns...


...to no advantage and the British go on to rout the French



This was a cracking game - the first NapoleonicMaster game I've played in a while. It fought really well, the battle really fluid. Each turn brought an ebb and flow and there were key and decisive moments throughout - the British Light Dragoons, against all odds, seeing off the French Cuirassiers & the Rifles, supported by Line, re-taking the hill were most noticeable.



Great stuff - can't recommend this ruleset highly enough!




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