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Odds and Ends

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Odds & Ends

Here's where you'll find all manner of stuff that doesn't fit neatly anywhere else...

Line of sight / line of fire BKC II (p6)


Some 2mm close-ups:




From this thread here: http://www.blitzkrieg-commander.com/Content/Forum/Topic.aspx?Page=2&CategoryID=2&ForumID=4&TopicID=9608&ForumPage=1


- my 'William' attempt in all its glory:



162 dice:

1 x 30

2 x 24

3 x 29

4 x 18

5 x 36

6 x 25


Pendraken Panther variants: close-ups


GR68 Panther




GR68A Panther zimmerit




GR68B Panther camouflaged




WIP Chinese Infantry: using H&R 6mm Warsaw Pact support, Soviet Airborne & Soviet infantry in-action packs (the painted stand is USMC):







WIP sculpts - FWC Bug Colony: Procreate: inspired by Phil's attempts here, I thought I'd have a quick go in a spare hour - it's harder than you think ;-)

Bug Colony

Spider bugs

Fire bugs


Heavy tank bug


Dunno-horrible bugs!


2mm- 10mm comparison: both are Confederate Zouaves - Pendraken 10mm on left, Irregular 2mm on right:



Work In Progress:


Chinese Dawn - USMC & Army / Homeland Defence Volunteers WIP
All based - apart from the aircraft - bases need texturing.....
Left column top - bottom:                                 
Ospreys, A10s [these are Army]                       
Apaches, Hornets, Recce LAV 25                       
18 x LVTP7 transports                                             
3 x HMG
3 x Dragon ATGW
12 x Marines
Middle column top - bottom:
CO, 3 x HQ
2 x FAO, FAC
3 x Snipers
24 x M1s
Right top corner:
6 x M198 artillery
Army / HDV
Top row [l-r] : CO, HQ, AA, ATGW, Mortars
Middle row: 6 x M1s, 2 x M60A3, 10 x M60
Bottom row: 3 x Bradley IFV, 9 x M113 transports
Scared yet?


ACWarmaster 10mm: Old Glory & Pendraken - infantry basing shots: showing density of OG 5-figure strips with 2 x Pendraken singles added in:







Warmaster Ancients - 10mm Magister Militum - this lot need the bases textured...


Alexander's Macedonians


Rear: Phalanx - Guard Phalanx - Phalanx

Middle: Mounted Skirmishers - Light Infantry - Cavalry & Companions

Front: Archers - Skirmishers - Archers

Round bases: Alexander & Commanders


Alexander & Companion Cavalry


Alexander & Commanders


Poros's Indians

Rear: Cavalry - Elephants - Cavalry

Middle: Archers - Infantry - Archers

Front: Skirmishers

Round bases: Poros & Commanders


Poros & Elephants



Comparison shots: Minifigs M60 & Takara Merkava




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