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Painting 10mm infantry

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Painting 10mm infantry


Pendraken - Australian army, Vietnam


Download this guide: painting infantry.pdf 


OK - nice & simple - this is a fast-paint technique - I'm using the excellent Australian army for Vietnam from Pendraken as my example here - these are based for Cold War Commander. Paints here are Citadel & Vallejo Game Color.


Of course, don't do this one base at a time - get an assembly line going!


Once your infantry is based & undercoated [as per my standard procedure]:


Stage 1

Flesh - start from the inside out! So exposed flesh gets a swift touch of Dark Fleshtone:


Followed by a highlight of Dwarf Flesh applied in light wet-touches:



Stage 2

Block out the base uniform colour - this is Catachan Green - try to be fairly tidy, missing the kit & webbing where you can - and don't hit the flesh either! What you're trying to do here is to paint inside the dark brown overbrush to give some easy shading:




Stage 3

Highlight the uniform - this is Catachan Green mixed with Khaki at 65:35 ratio. Here you're painting light highlights on the raised folds of the uniform:





Stage 4

Next up is the webbing & pouches - again a simple light brush of Graveyard Earth:



Stage 5

Highlight the webbing & pouches - simple touch paint of Khaki:



Stage 6

Weapons now - so simple touch of Cold Grey for the metal, Bestial Brown for the wooden parts of the SLR:




Job done - all that remains is basing - which is the stage that takes good-looking to great-looking


Stage 7

Basing finished - PVA glue & then Scorched Grass underlay, topped with Static Grass, followed by clump foliage - then base edges painted Bestial Brown: 




Final pics of the rest of this army are here: CWC Australian battlegroup

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