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Painting Commissions

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Painting Commissions


Several people have contacted me to enquire about painting commissions. I am happy to consider commission work - please contact me with your requirements & I'll gladly provide you with a quote.


Please bear in mind though that I have a demanding full-time job, a young family, two dogs, six horses and two cats...all of which means that I will be realistic in terms of how quickly I can turn a job around!


Over the years I have painted pretty much any & all periods you could imagine - and pretty much any scale too - I have to say that my preferred scales are 10mm / 28mm


Some basics:


- I can order figures to your requirements

- I am happy to prep & assemble & base as required, or for you to do this & I'll just paint!

- I will paint your figures to your requirements - basically the more detail you can give me the better! For example, do you want a parade-ground look or a veteran campaigning feel to your army?

- I am happy to paint anything, in any scale, from a single figure to a complete army

- payment: I usually ask for a deposit to secure my time - and then stage payments through the process

- I will take pictures throughout the commission - to ensure that you're happy

- I take pride in my work & would work my hardest to ensure that you receive back something that you're delighted with!


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