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Painting vehicles

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Painting 10mm vehicles


Download this guide: painting 10mm vehicles.pdf 


OK - nice & simple - this is a fast-paint technique - I'm using M113s from Pendraken as my example here - these are US command stands for Vietnam


Once your vehicle is based & undercoated [as per my standard procedure]:


Stage 1

Heavy wetbrush of base colour - here I'm using Black : Catachan Green 50:50 mix



Stage 2

Wetbrush highlight - here I'm using Catachan Green



Stage 3

Drybrush highlight - here I'm using Catachan Green & Bleached Bone 60:40 mix



Stage 4

Light drybrush final highlight - Catachan Green & Bleached Bone 40:60 mix



Stage 5

Next a quick touch-brush of the tracks with Codex Grey - then it's time to do the bases - and I want nice muddy vehicles for Vietnam gaming which means wetbrushing the base & stippling the vehicle around the tracks & lower body - start with Scorched Brown [I also wetbrush the figures now as well - this brings out the detail & adds an instant layer of shading for a nice startpoint to their painting]



Stage 6

Wetbrush the base & stipple the tracks etc with Bestial Brown




Stage 7

Drybrush the base & stipple tracks etc with Snakebite Leather




Stage 8

Drybrush the base & light stippling of tracks with Bubonic Brown




And there you have it - nice & easy - these three took me something like 15 minutes to do...now all I need to do is the detail of the crates etc, paint the figures & then finish the base - these will get patches of Static Grass & Scorched Grass as well as Clump Foliage before everything gets a feather-light drybrush of Bleached Bone to finish


The only other thing to mention is that if I was adding decals to these I would do so before the basing stages so that they'd get nice & muddy too!

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